• Bathrooms are getting smarter, for better or worse

    Getting up from the toilet after a satisfying bowel movement, you walk right over to the sink and start washing your hands. "Alexa, flush my toilet," you say while reaching for your toothbrush. Your mirror starts displaying your schedule for the day, the weather update and the latest news.

  • Artificial intelligence eliminates guesswork and ushers in a modern marketing checklist

    Chances are, you have never said any of the above. I mean, who would? Consumers don’t talk the way brands talk. So why do marketers continue to use the same old blueprint at a time when consumers have never been more connected and empowered?

  • Why you should stop worrying and start loving Bitcoin’s price changes

    Recently, one of the reasons why Bitcoin was discussed even amongst those who would not usually be concerned with the cryptocurrency was the fact that it broke the $10,000 barrier for the first time in its history.

  • Keeping up with SEO in 2018: What you should focus on

    Any webmaster worth their salt is constantly reading, watching, and learning more about SEO. Google usually rolls out quite a few big changes throughout each year and while some updates are larger than others, they are all very important to keep up with.